Incorporating Trees Into Your Landscape

Redbuds are my favorite!
Redbuds are my favorite!

Believe it or not, trees and shrubs are capable of solving a wide range of landscaping issues you’re probably experiencing right now. Not just that, it could also improve the appearance of your home and garden, because it creates a sense of order and beauty that would last for several years– even decades if maintained properly. Framing your home with different foundation plantings, such as plants running the border of your house, would definitely highlight a driveway or entrance. You can also use trees and shrubs for this purpose. However, in order to ensure that you’ll be able to carry out your landscaping dream to reality, it’s very important to familiarize yourself first with the things to consider when landscaping with shrubs and trees. Hector from Tree Service Pasadena MD has taught me so much so … Read the rest

Considering a Sunroom?

Considering a Sunroom?
Considering a Sunroom?

For those who are living in the north and would want to enjoy more sunshine without the need of going out, then adding a sunroom becomes advisable. Not only can a sunroom be very appealing, for a lot of people, it also offers the advantages you can enjoy while being outdoors, while saving you from the downsides because you don’t really have to go out at all.

However, there are some who decided to get a sunroom, but ended up regretting their decision after. To avoid the same experience, allow us to discuss the pros and cons of adding a sunroom

– It Increases the Livable Space
One of the benefits that you can enjoy from getting a sunroom is that it increases the livable space of your home. How large or small it should be … Read the rest

Should I Build a Deck or Patio?


Screenshot 2016-06-03 at 1.32.22 PMIf you’re one of those homeowners who are thinking of enjoying ore of their outdoor space, then adding a deck or patio becomes ideal, because it’s capable of increasing your space without the need to spend a lot. Each option provides an area where you could accommodate your family and friends, unwind under the sun, or even star gaze. Though, the option you’re going to choose would likely be based on your preference, budget, and space. In this article, we’ll discuss try to answer the question, “Should I build a deck or patio?”

The Difference
More often than not, a lot of homeowners are guilty of thinking that decks and patios are the same, because they aren’t familiar with the differences between the two. To enlighten those who feel a little confused, a patio is the outdoor space placed … Read the rest

Wicker or Cast Iron Furniture?

New homeowners are usually in search of the right outdoor furniture pieces that can make their home Screenshot 2016-06-03 at 1.37.24 PMlook more appealing. That in mind, there’s no doubt that they have probably run across two major contenders in the game of choosing the best outdoor furniture– wicker and cast iron.

Both of these furniture come in a wide selection of styles and more often that not, each material is available for affordable prices. However, the differences lie in the materials, maintenance, and durability of the pieces– these are usually the contributing factors that you should pay attention to before finally deciding which furniture to choose.

Outdoor Furniture: Wicker or Cast Iron?
Cast iron is liquid aluminum that has been poured into a mold and shaped into a desired furniture while it cools down during the molding process. Cast iron furniture is usually … Read the rest

Rose Gardens and Flower Beds

Screenshot 2016-06-03 at 1.48.47 PMMost landscape artists would agree that roses are one of those flowers that are difficult to care for, but with the correct amount of sunlight and water, together with a little bit of grooming, rest assured that your roses would thrive and be very beautiful. Explore the basics when it comes to caring for your rose bushes and flower beds in this article.

Grooming Roses
Invest in sharp clippers, because you will be using this when sprucing up your rosebuds every time you notice something unattractive about your plant.

Here are some of the instances where you should spruce up your roses:
– Damaged wood: Cut it back into an inch of the healthy wood.
– Dead wood: Dead canes should be removed down the ground level.
– Misplaced stems: The stems should be taken off, especially when you notice … Read the rest

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